Monday, 26 March 2012

Super Hero Bubble Party

For my daughter's first birthday we had a Super Hero Bubble party.  She has several older cousins so I wanted something that the older kids would enjoy!

The cupcakes . . . . lemon cupcakes filled with lemon curd . . . .yum!

Simple flower display.

Bubbles or dots   . . . on the napkins

The party girl's dress.  I made this dress based off the tutorial by Made by Rae.  Isn't she cute!!

Super hero capes.  I personalized each cape with first letter of each kid.

The superhero birthday girl!

Captain B and Captain E! Captain E has the fanciest cape. I made it after reading this tutorial Reversible Superhero Cape. After making 1 I decided I couldn't make 6 of them in time.  So for the other ones I just cut out the same shape and used a pinking blade on my rotary cutter to do the edges.  I also used jersey and fleece since they don't fray.  They turned out just as well and the double sided one and it only took me 45 minutes to make 5 of them.

Bubbles!!  The kids all loved their capes and had so much fun playing outside with the bubbles and running around with their capes.  A very special day for our special little girl.  Happy Birthday!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Doll clothes for baby Stella

For my daughter's first birthday we decided to buy her a doll.  We ordered a baby Stella doll from Manhattan toys.  It is a completely soft doll with embroidered facial features.  My daughter has dark hair so I wanted the one with dark hair.  When the doll came it was dressed like this.

Cute  . . but I wanted something with a bit more character (and less pink and purple) so I made a cute sweater and leggings for baby Stella.

 So now my daughter has a store bought but unique doll.

I made the sweater from a pair of socks  and the leggings from an old tank top.  Hopefully later I'll put up a tutorial showing how to make them.