Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Spud and Chloe and Little Lamb

I finally finished knitting a few companions for Chloe.  I bought the book Spud and Chloe At the Farm before my daughter was born.  I knitted her the Chloe doll and she has loved playing with it.  I've been meaning to make some of the animals from it for a while and I finally finished them.

Here they are!! Spud and Little Lamb. 
Except .. . . Spud is made to the size of Little Lamb in the book and I made Little lamb even smaller by omitting a few rounds.  Why?   I wanted the animals to be even smaller than Chloe. My daughter loves them.  She's re-named them as the Mommy sheep and baby sheep but that's okay because I love to see her imagination at work.

Project Details

Yarn: various worsted weight yarns I already had

Needles: size called for in patterns, gauge isn't really necessary just tight enough to hold in the stuffing.

Difficulty: not extremely difficult, but quite fiddly to knit.  The body, head and legs are all knit separately, then attached together so there are a lot of ends to sew in.

Would I make more?  Yes, the sheep are very cute with the twisted loop stitch

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

DIY Lego/Train Table: Re-purposing an Old Dresser

My daughter is just about to turn 3 and she already has one of the largest Lego collections I have ever seen.  How is that possible?  My husband kept all his Lego from when he was a child and shipped it all over here from England when he moved here.  My daughter doesn't really build with the Lego yet but she loves all the people and houses and buildings.  It was taking up way to much space on the floor of our family room (also my craft room!) so I decided we needed a Lego table.

We had an old dresser we were going to get rid of . . . so instead of getting rid of it I cut it down to make 2 drawer units to support a lego table. Was it easy?  Not really . . .  but since I already had the dresser it didn't cost me anything more.

The table top I made out of a sheet of 1/2" plywood.  I got it cut to size at Home Depot.  I made it specifically to slide under my children's craft table. The table top is 33" by 35 " and fits 9 Lego base pieces with a bit of extra room. I used 4" x 3/4" pine boards to make an edging around the table.  I think even a 2" edge would be sufficient.
Table top in Progress
Lego City
Side View
Front View
I absolutely love it! Also makes it more enjoyable for me to play too!

Want to make your own? For easier than I did?  How about 2 IKEA night stands  with some storage baskets and then a table top.

How do store Lego in your house?